Why is PriceWell an Open Startup?

Transparency is a double edged sword. On one hand sharing all our revenue metrics is a great way to get more people interested in our tiny bootstrapped startup. Who doesn’t love poring through the gritty details of someone else’s business?

However being an open startup makes us vulnerable to copycats. We literally post everything, revenue, churn, marketing strategies. It wouldn’t take a genius (and believe me these copycats aren’t geniuses) to copy our exact strategy.

Luckily at PriceWell I believe we have a couple of things to our advantage that make us harder to copy, allowing us to share all our metrics with you dear reader.

  1. Payments are complex, our tech is thousands of lines of complex code. It’s taken me countless hours and many cups of coffee to churn all this out and there’s no shortcut. A copycat would have to make the same mistakes I did. This is also the reason I started PriceWell in the first place. We built all this so non-technical founders don’t have to. Check it out here

  2. Payments are boring. We are not another Twitter tool, you won’t find any mention of Web3 or AI on our homepage. We take something that is a problem for every single founder, payments, and make it easy for them. That’s it. Who wants to copy that when you could copy an Cryto, AI powered fart generator?

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I am very lucky to have found the Indie Hacker community on Twitter and made some great internet friends there. Indie Hacking is about community. We’re founders that don’t want to create billion dollar business. We want to build businesses that make a difference in the world and provide freedom for us as founders. We don’t take venue capital, don’t hire thousands of employees. We’re the people answering support, writing the website and doing the taxes. By subscribing to this newsletter you’ll share that indie hacking journey with us and who knows, maybe it will help you start your own indie business one day.

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Co-Founder - PriceWell

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Matt is Co-Founder of PriceWell. An indie startup that make it easy for non-technical founders integrate Stripe subscriptions into their website.