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Open Startup Report - October '22

Matthew Reid
Matthew Reid
Back to positive growth this month. I had an unexpected tweet go viral which brought 1k views to the site and 1 paying customer.

Revenue Growth
+20.49% (last 30 days)
Churn Rate
28.39% (September)
Burn Rate
Cash: £653.33
Monthly Expenses:
Hosting: £81.34
Blog Writer (potential for regular work): £44.68
10words newsletter sponsorship (one-off November ‘22): £133.27
Burn Rate: 4.1 months (including 1 monthly blog post)
How we're going to improve the numbers
SEO is our top source of traffic. We hired a writer this month with a plan to have them write BOF (bottom of funnel) content at a rate of 1 post per month. We’ll monitor the impact and make sure we are getting a ROI.
NoCode is a big movement and it’s only growing. We’re finishing off our Bubble plugin at the moment and are active in many NoCode forums.
Podcasts: I recorded a podcast with one of our customers and have another one scheduled for next week.
YouTube: We’re in the process of recording screencasts for integrating PriceWell with various tools.
Product: Focus on features that set us apart from Stripe.
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Matthew Reid
Matthew Reid @pricewell_io

The two founders were sitting in their office, discussing the company's revenue metrics. One founder said to the other, "I think we should publish our revenue metrics." The other founder replied, "I don't know, people might think we're making too much money."

PriceWell is an Open Startup. Metrics are published monthly.

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