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Open Startup Report - July '22

Matthew Reid
Matthew Reid
Hey all. We had an interesting month. Despite being on holiday, traffic and signups are strong (thanks Google). Growth was a bit slow and we were hit by some late churn. We’re back at it this month to push on!

Revenue Growth
15.29% (last 30 days)
Churn Rate
6.98% (July)
Burn Rate
Cash: £399.98
Monthly Expenses: £75.44
Burn Rate: 5.3 months
How we’re going to improve the numbers
Growth is the goal at the moment. Churn is not too bad and the feature set is solid.
We are finally setting up an affiliate program (initially paying 40% of the first 12 months’ revenue to affiliates). We’ll reach out to bubble agencies and no-code YouTubers to offer them the affiliate program.
We’re also working on a plugin which will be listed on their marketplace.
SEO has been a great source of leads in the last month so we’ll continue writing more relevant content to our niche.
Finally, a conversation with the founders of NoCodeFounders was promising. Their community could be a valuable growth partner if we can work out a deal.
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Matthew Reid
Matthew Reid @pricewell_io

The two founders were sitting in their office, discussing the company's revenue metrics. One founder said to the other, "I think we should publish our revenue metrics." The other founder replied, "I don't know, people might think we're making too much money."

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